Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil - 50ml

Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil - 50ml

Reduces Frizz | Improves Manageability | Strengthens hair strand
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Energize your hair with Caffeine-rich Coffee! The Coffee Hair Serum provides 5X Smoother & No Frizz Hair when compared to the neutral product. It is a powerful blend of enriching hair oils that smoothen the hair, leaving them healthy, frizz-free and so irresistibly shiny that you’ll be tempted to touch.

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Why should you buy?

Reduces Frizz and Improves Manageability

Complete your hair care routine with the Caffeine-rich, Coffee Hair Serum. It leaves the hair smooth, healthy and frizz-free for you to manage or style them with ease.

The Coffee Hair Serum provides 5X Smoother & No Frizz Hair when compared to the neutral product.

Strengthens Hair Strands

The Caffeine-rich Coffee Oil in the serum strengthens the hair strands, while it is quickly absorbed in, getting you #AddictedToGood.

Warm Coffee Aroma

Infused with pure Arabica Coffee, the hair serum exudes a warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee with crisp notes of walnut that leave your senses craving for more.


Coffee Oil & Caffeine Packed with Caffeine-rich Coffee Oil, the serum strengthens hair strands, enhances shine, and fights hair dullness.
Argan Oil A well-loved hair care ingredient, the serum is enriched with Argan Oil that improves hair manageability and hair thickness.
Walnut Oil A powerful hair care oil, Walnut Oil reduces frizz and improves hair manageability, leaving the hair smooth and easy to manage.

How to use

Step 1:
Depending on your hair length, take 1-2 pumps of the Coffee Serum in your palms.

Step 2:
Rub it between your palms and apply it to clean damp hair.

Step 3:
Apply along the lengths & evenly distribute till the hair tips. You can use the serum regularly after every hair wash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Coffee Hair Serum?

Coffee rich hair serums provide a lot of benefits. The caffeine found in coffee helps reduce dryness and split ends, thus making your hair look lustrous and shiny. It also protects the hair from heat or chemical damage such as colouring, bleaching, etc. The coffee-infused argan oil hair serum from mCaffeine is toxin-free and safe for colour-treated hair. The hair serum is made with pure coffee essential oil blend that deeply conditions dry and damaged hair.

Our Coffee infused argan oil hair serum is lightweight, non-sticky and easily absorbed so that you can use it every day. It contains argan oil which leaves your hair smelling fresh, nourished, strong, and healthy. In addition, our unique formula contains caffeine that protects hair from damage caused by heat styling tools, sun exposure, and pollution.

The argan oil serum is lightweight and non-sticky, ideal for daily use. Argan extracts and oil in this serum nourish your hair, while coffee provides a deep conditioning effect. The serum also contains walnut oil, which leaves your hair soft and smooth.

The Argan Oil Serum is a lightweight product that offers a high-shine finish hair and reduces frizz. Argan extracts, walnut oil, and caffeine work together to make hair lustrous and bring you closer to your hair goals.

Our Argan Oil Hair Serum is the perfect daily treatment to strengthen and protect your locks. Richly formulated with Argan oil extracts, walnut oil, and caffeine, this formula is gentle enough for everyday use. It is suitable for all hair types and leaves hair silky smooth and nourished.

Yes, it is free from harmful chemicals. Made with the highest quality ingredients, our products are 100% vegan, paraben-free, Cruelty-Free, and toxic substances-free. They are also Clinically Tested, FDA Approved, and Made Safe for you to use daily.

Most shampoos contain harsh ingredients that strip the hair off its natural oils along with dirt and impurities. To restore the lost moisture it is important to use a nourishing serum. This coffee, caffeine and argan oil hair serum is the key to healthy, shiny and frizz-free hair.

Hair serum is an essential part of a hair care routine, however, it is often overlooked. Applying a few drops of serum after washing your hair will not only make hair more manageable but also strengthen your hair and enhance its shine.

The right time to use hair serums is after washing your hair when it is still damp. However, if you want to control frizz or revive dull hair a few drops on dry hair can also be used everyday.

Customer Reviews

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Paulomi Das

Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil - 50ml

There is some rancid smell in my product

The product smells rancid and has a very oily finish. The consistency of the product is very runny but when applied to hair it leaves some oily texture to hair.

TanujaGupta TanujaGupta

Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil - 50ml

Laxmi Behera

Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil - 50ml

Sanib .
Product review

Nice product ☺️

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What Is A Hair Serum?

Shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks are just not enough to give you good hair days. You may think you are doing it all to keep your hair as healthy as possible, but are you? While all these products are primary, you are definitely missing a product that is also essential for your hair. It’s Hair Serums! 

Hair serums can efficiently smoothen, soften, and shield the hair from environmental aggressors. They contain a high concentration of essential elements. Due to this, your hair will remain glossy and smooth all day long. 

Don’t get confused because there’s a difference between Hair Serums and Hair Oils. Hair Serums are usually silicone-based and that can be harmful to the hair. Hence, switch to our Coffee Hair Serums that are infused with all things good, and nothing bad. It can be used as a pre-styling remedy or a finishing product and is designed to be applied on wet or dry hair. 

A heat protectant is essential to limiting hair damage whether you want to blow-dry or flat-iron your mane. When it comes to styling your hair, turn to serum hair oil that provides real heat protection.

Buy The Best Hair Serum For Men

We have hair serums for men too. The cosmetics business has advanced into a gender-neutral era. Gone are the days when men using grooming products was taboo. Why is hair serum important for men too? It nourishes and moisturises, preventing it from becoming dry and brittle, which can hasten balding. 

It is crucial to give our hair extra love and care given the environmental stress and pollution it endures. Hair serums for men are a crucial component of every hair care regimen and should never be overlooked.

Buy The Best Hair Serum For Women

Hair serums are to be applied to the strands of the hair. It gives the hair nutrition, making them stronger so they don't fall out as quickly. Hair serum for women replenishes the moisture that was lost from the hair due to exposure to the sun, styling equipment, etc. Hair serum adds a coating to the hair and prevents them from getting damaged. This includes damage from chemicals, heat damage and sun damage.The main task of hair serum is to prevent hair frizzing and provide essential nutrients to the hair. Women prefer using hair serum that controls tangles and gives smooth and shiny hair.

Benefits of Coffee Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil?

With the amazing blend of argan oil, walnut oil, coffee oil & caffeine, this natural coffee hair serum is the perfect way to enjoy frizz-free and smooth hair. Our hair serum is a must-have product in your hair care routine. Compared to other products in the market, the Coffee Hair Serum offers 5X Smoother & frizz-free hair. The hair serum exudes the smell of raw coffee that relaxes your senses! 

Argan oil is made from the argan tree. It provides hydration and softness to your hair. Rich in antioxidants, argan oil also increases hair elasticity and therefore prevents hair breakage. Similarly, walnut oil has numerous beneficial effects. It aids in reducing dandruff, stopping hair loss, and promoting hair growth. Both of these oils are included in our coffee hair serum to provide you with the maximum benefits.

How to Use Argan Oil Hair Serum with Walnut Oil?

Using argan oil hair serum on a daily basis is not recommended. One should consider applying argan oil serum on days when they wash their hair. Washing your hair can make it drier, therefore, applying the hair serum after you wash your hair is a necessary addition to your hair care regime. Using the hair serum is very simple and easy. There are three steps involved:

Step 1: Take the amount of coffee hair serum that you would require on your palms based on the length of your hair.

Step 2: Rub the serum around your hair and gently apply it to washed hair.

Step 3: Apply along the lengths and spread evenly to the ends of the hair.

How Often Should I Use Hair Serum with Walnut Oil and Argan Oil?

Hair becomes dry and brittle after washing them. They need enough moisture to smoothen and control the frizziness. One should use hair serum with walnut oil and argan oil after every hair wash. Your hair will retain moisture and be protected from frizz as a result of the application of our hair serum after washing your hair. If not, use a small amount of the serum every day or at intervals of two days, depending on the condition of your hair, before doing any hairdo or going out. 

Use our serum hair oil to elevate the look of your hair. Applying hair serum daily is only advised when your hair is extremely dry and requires urgent treatment. Otherwise, the right time would be to use it on days when you wash your hair.

What Are the Ingredients Available in the Argan Oil Serum For Hair?

Give your hair the much-needed care and attention with our Coffee Hair Serum. Filled with argan oil, walnut oil, and caffeine, this argan oil serum is the best way to provide smoothness and protection to your hair. Get strong and healthy hair with the application of hair serum after every hair wash. It makes the hair frizz-free, nutritious, and manageable! 

  • Caffeine: It acts as an agent that strengthens the hair strands, avoids hair dullness, and provides shine to your hair. It adds moisture and nourishment to your hair without making them oily and acts as a superfood for your hair.
  • Argan oil: It is an old age remedy to treat hair thickness and manageability issues. It contains powerful antioxidants that protect your hair from damage and keep them moisturised for a longer time.
  • Walnut oil: It will make it easier for you to style your hair in any way you want to, by managing the frizziness. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help prevent scalp infections and promote new and strong hair growth.

Now Reduce Frizz Argan Oil Hair Serum

The caffeine and argan oil serum is ideal for those with dry and damaged hair as it helps manage tangles and control frizzy hair. The walnut oil present in this hair serum helps nourish the hair and moisturise them deeply, with long lasting hydration. This makes the hair appear shiny and tangle-free. Add this serum hair oil to your daily hair care routine and experience the amazing benefits of argan and walnut oil together with caffeine.  With these newly lustrous and manageable hair, you can style them any way you want, without any hair damage. This hair serum for frizzy hair gives the hair nourishment and 5 times smoother hair. 

What Other Hair Serums Are Available At mCaffeine?

We have the ultimate anti frizz serum for you that prevents tangling and frizzy hair, which is the argan hair serum with caffeine. But here is another premium product from our range that is also the best hair serum for frizzy hair and provides 10 times smoother hair as compared to other regular serums. The Cappuccino hair serum with vitamin E is a special hair product that comes with caffeine, pure Arabica coffee and vitamin E, that provides elasticity to the hair, enhances shine and smoothens the hair by providing the required nutrients. Vitamin E is considered one of the most important vitamins for hair growth and lustre and this serum oil will surely give you the hair of your dreams.

Why Buy Products from mCaffeine?

In no time mCaffeine has become India’s leading brand for personal care products. Using caffeine and coffee as its main ingredients, we have created various body carehair care, and face care products that have shown effective results over time. We believe in everything good and nothing bad, therefore, our products are Natural, PETA Certified, 100% Vegan, and Cruelty-free. It is also free from SLS and paraben and other toxic chemicals. It is FDA Approved, Made Safe, and dermatologically tested with Zero Plastic Footprint

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