Insta-Bright Kombucha Tea Under Eye Cream SPF 30+ PA++++

Insta-Bright Kombucha Tea Under Eye Cream SPF 30+ PA++++

Reduces Hyperpigmentation | Instantly Brightens & UV Protects
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A 2-in-1 eye cream that instantly brightens under eye area and treats hyperpigmentation with consistent use over time. Formulated with Vitamin C, 2% Ferulic Acid and Kombucha Tea extracts, it reduces pigmentation by 90%, and instantly brightens the under-eye skin. It also hydrates, nourishes & rejuvenates the skin. SPF 30+ PA++++ protects the delicate skin around the eyes from harmful UV rays and environmental stressors. The cream is tinted which color corrects your under eye area, giving you a fresh and glowing look after every use. Pair Insta-Bright Kombucha Tea Under Eye Cream with lifestyle changes for impressive results!

74% agreed the skin tone looked more even*
70% saw visibly less dullness and fatigue around eyes*
68% agreed the eye area looked brighter, more radiant, and refreshed*
80% agreed skin felt more hydrated*
76% agreed skin felt smoother*

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Why should you buy?

90% Reduction in Pigmentation

Packed with ingredients like Kombucha Tea Extracts, Vitamin C, & 2% Ferulic Acid that have rich antioxidant properties, our cream reduces hyperpigmentation and prevents free radical damage that can lead to pigmentation & darkness.

Instant Brightening

Kombucha Tea Under Eye Cream is tinted which helps to instantly brighten your under eye area, giving it a subtle glow. It helps to color-correct the area to give you an even skin tone.

UV Protection

SPF 30+ and PA++++ shield the delicate under eye area from harmful UV rays preventing premature ageing and sun damage while maintaining the skin’s health.

All-Day Hydration

Kombucha Extract hydrates the skin and retains moisture, which improves the hydration levels of the under eye area.


Kombucha Extract Enhances skin hydration, improves skin barrier function, and reduces free radical skin damage caused by pollution and environmental stressors. Caffeine in kombucha helps to stimulate blood circulation and reduce puffiness and inflammation under the eyes.
Vitamin C Fades hyperpigmentation under the eyes & dark circles for visibly bright under eye areas while maintaining healthy skin and preventing skin damage by boosting the production of collagen.
2% Ferulic Acid Brightens the under eye skin area and delays the skin photoaging process. It also helps to prevent free radical damage that might lead to pigmentation and darkness under the eyes.

How to use

Step 1:
Dispense the cream from the tube and apply the cream underneath your eye and up till your brow bone.

Step 2:
Gently massage the area with your fingertips. Do not apply close to the lids or waterline.

NOTE: For best results use it daily in the morning. You can use it before color-correcting makeup or concealer for instant brightening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kombucha Tea good for hyperpigmentation?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that enhances skin hydration, improves skin barrier function, and reduces free radical skin damage caused by pollution and environmental stressors preventing pigmentation and dark circles around the under eye.

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Reduce Dark Circles With Coffee Under Eye Cream By mCaffeine

Skincare is incomplete without the use of an under eye cream. The skin under your eye is delicate than the rest of your face, this means it needs special care and attention. However, most people skip this important step in their routines. Dark circle is a common skin concern, if you wish to get rid of those under-eye bags and dark circles for good, then using a caffeine eye cream will be the best pick. It is packed with hyaluronic acid that is ideal for holistic rejuvenation and hydration of your skin. Caffeine, which is the primary ingredient in this dark circle cream, is packed with antioxidants that will work on those dark circles like a dream. Caffeine under eye cream is one of the most useful additions that you can make to your skincare and under-eye care routine to reap long-lasting results.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Coffee Under Eye Cream?

Coffee is a wonderful ingredient not just for your body but for your skin too. It has the capacity to firm and tighten your skin.

  • Caffeine infused under eye cream for dark circles helps in reducing the puffiness under your eyes while increasing blood circulation to significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • They have the capacity to stabilize the free radicals produced by your body and consequently give your skin a more even tone.
  • Caffeine eye creams have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that absorb the water retention under the eyes.

Regular usage of this caffeine under eye cream will help you in getting rid of dark circles and give you even toned skin by acting as a natural under eye corrector.
The area under your eyes is very sensitive and therefore mCaffeine’s coffee under eye cream is paraben and SLS free, to prevent any irritation or reaction.

What Is The Right Time To Use Coffee Under Eye Cream?

This is the best under-eye cream for dark circles. You should use a pea-sized quantity of this cream, twice a day.
In the morning, as a light protective layer underneath your make-up, and in the evening, allow this dark circles removal cream to get completely absorbed in your under-eye area.
Always remember to massage the cream into your under-eye skin with the complimentary eye-roller for a smooth application. You should apply the under-eye cream right after you deep clean your face and before you apply a moisturizer. Always be careful with the under-eye cream application and ensure that the product doesn't enter your eyes.
Having said that, a good under eye cream should be incorporated into your skincare regime in your 20s and 30s. This will yield a number of benefits in the long run by providing various anti-aging benefits.

Why Choose mCaffeine?

Just like coffee has the capacity to jump-start our day, it also has the power to address skin concerns. Caffeine is a very potent antioxidant and when it is infused in personal care products then the result is no less than an elixir for your skin.
mCaffeine offers caffeinated personal care products that are vegan and cruelty-free. We have an exquisite range of products that can be helpful additions to your hair care and skincare routine. All our personal care products like body scrub, face wash, Face Mask, Hair Serum, Face Moisturizers, etc are infused with the power of caffeine and are perfect for both men and women.

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