Fine Lines Reduction Duo

Fine Lines Reduction Duo

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Reduces Puffiness | Refreshes & Hydrates
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Under Eye Care is now made effortless with this 2-step fine lines & wrinkles reduction combo. This combo contains a dynamic duo: Green Tea & Caffeine – that's about to change your under eye game forever! Not only will it turn back the clock on your under eye skin providing wrinkle free younger looking eyes, but it will also shower your skin with hydration, fade hyperpigmentation, and even repair the damage caused by those sneaky UV rays! Maximize the potency of our Eye Care Combo with a holistic routine. How? Prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep, stay hydrated for better skin elasticity, and manage stress to reduce dark circles. Pair Green Tea Under Eye Patches & Eye Cream with lifestyle changes for impressive results!

This Combo Contains: 2 products.
Green Tea Under Eye Patches - 15ml
Green Tea Under Eye Cream - 30 Pairs

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Why should you buy?

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients, Green Tea Under Eye Patches & Under Eye Cream in this eye care combo work together as an ally to fight free radical damage that may cause fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles in your under eye area. The duo helps reveal firmer, tighter and stress-free skin.

Reduces Puffiness

Loaded with our super ingredients Green Tea & Caffeine at the core, the hydrogel under eye patches and gel-based under eye cream in this combo kit for under eyes help relieve tired and stressed-looking under eyes by reducing puffiness.

Refreshes & Hydrates

While our hero ingredient Green Tea refreshes & hydrates the delicate under eye skin. The hydrogel moisture lock mechanism of the under eye patches holds water in the skin while preventing evaporation of moisture to provide optimum results.


Green Tea Under Eye Patches Packed with Caffeine, Green Tea, Multi-Peptides and Vitamin E, these refreshing & cooling hydrogel under eye patches help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, hold moisture in the skin and de-puff stressed under eyes
Green Tea Under Eye Cream Loaded with potent yet gentle ingredients such as Caffeine, Vitamin C, Multi-Peptides, Green Tea Extract and Niacinamide, this gel-based eye cream reduces dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, provides moisture support to the barriers, repairs UV damage and offers a firming effect.

How to use

Green Tea Under Eye Patches:

  • Use a spatula to separate the patches.
  • Apply & leave for 15 mins under the eyes.
  • Gently remove and pat in the excess serum.

Pro-Tip: For best results, use thrice a week.

Green Tea Under Eye Cream:

  • Shake well.
  • Pump the stick.
  • Use the roller to massage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this combo?

Powered by Green Tea & Caffeine, the under eye patches and the under eye cream work together to depuff, refresh, hydrate and relieve dark circles to leave the eye area firm & tight.

Treat your under eye area with our mindfully created Green Tea Under Eye Patches, which relieve stress & target concerns while providing a cooling sensation to your skin. Follow up with the Green Tea Under Eye Cream which provides intense nourishment to the delicate skin.

This eye care combo is made to suit all skin types. It is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. The gentle yet effective formula of the duo relieve all under-eye problems while leaving behind a refreshing and cooling effect.

Yes, the Green Tea Hydrogel Under Eye Patches & Green Tea Under Eye Cream are crafted for effortless applications. While the patches are thoughtfully contoured to fit anyone & everyone. The Green Tea Under Eye Cream with its in-built stainless steel roller is designed to perfectly nourish the eye contour. It boosts circulation and helps in better absorption of the product, relieving dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

Refreshing & hydrating Green Tea and antioxidant-rich Caffeine in the duo work collectively to reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, repair & neutralize skin & UV damage, and offer even skin tone.

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