Green Tea & 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid Body Wash | Controls Body & Back Acne - 200 ml

Green Tea & 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid Body Wash | Controls Body & Back Acne - 200 ml

Cleanses | Reduces Body Acne | Gently exfoliates
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Bacne and body acne? Wash it all off in a refreshing and soothing shower with Green Tea & 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid Body Wash. Powered by Salicylic Acid, this body wash unclogs pores, removes excess oil and deeply cleanses skin to prevent & control stubborn bacne and body acne. Calming Green Tea soothes skin, helps fade acne & acne marks, leaving the skin refreshed, healthy, and glowing. Every shower you take with this non-drying, sulphate-free body wash smoothes the skin. Good skin days are here with this refreshing and revolutionary Green Tea & 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid Body Wash.

90.53% Reduction in acne-causing germs
67% skin exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells, improving skin texture & providing smoother skin in 1 use

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Why should you buy?

90.53% reduction in acne-causing germs

Acne Reduction

Powered with 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid, it gently exfoliates to unclog pores, remove excessive oil and impurities to prevent acne and acne marks.
90.53% reduction in acne-causing germs

Cleanse & Exfoliate with BHA

All body washes can cleanse, this does more. The blend of 1% BHA & Green Tea deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate to leave skin smoother than ever!
67% skin exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells, improving skin texture & providing smoother skin in 1 use

Refreshing & Hydrating Green Tea

The freshness of green tea leaves instantly calm and refresh the skin leaving it energized.


Green Tea Antioxidant rich Green Tea soothes redness & inflammation, reduces acne, dark spots and acne marks, leaving behind refreshed and clear skin.
1% BHA Salicylic Acid BHA gently exfoliates skin, decongests pores and removes excessive oil and impurities, reducing stubborn bacne and other forms of body acne.
Caffeine Caffeine in this body wash tones and energizes skin.

How to use

Step 1:
Take a coin-sized amount of the body wash on your hands or a loofah.

Step 2:
Gently rub and lather on the wet body for a few minutes.

Step 3:
Rinse off with water, towel dry. Follow up with an application of body lotion.

This active-based body wash is fit for daily use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is body wash better than soap?

Both Body wash and body soap are used for cleansing purposes, however their formulation and texture differs. Body wash has a liquid texture that lathers up easily and a small quantity is required in one use. Body soap also cleanses and nourishes skin without making it dry.

Green Tea is naturally rich in antioxidants, calms redness and skin inflammation. It also soothes acne, reduces acne marks and dark spots, leaving skin feeling soothed and clear.

No, 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates skin, unclogging pores from excess oil and impurities. It is perfectly formulated to reduce existing acne as well as prevent acne, leaving skin smooth and clear. 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid is free from harmful toxins and is gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin, making this the best body wash for acne-prone skin.

Yes, Green Tea Body Wash with 1% BHA is formulated to be a daily body cleanser for acne-prone skin. It should be followed up with the use of a moisturizer.

Yes, Green Tea & 1% BHA-Salicylic Acid Body Wash is non-drying and sulphate free, this means it is gentle on the skin and won’t make your skin dry post shower.

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mCaffeine BHA salicylic acid body wash for Body Acne.

This caffeine product is packed with green tea and salicylic acid as the key ingredients. They work to give your skin a smooth, soft, and hydrated feel. Get refreshed with this body wash for body acne as it helps reduce back and body acne while reducing acne scars and dark spots.

This salicylic acid body wash online is great for daily use as it deeply cleanses the body and hydrates while controlling oil.

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Importance of BHA salicylic body wash in your daily routine.

This salicylic acid body wash is perfect for daily use and should be implemented into your daily routine.

  • This body wash tones and energises your skin.
  • This caffeine acne body wash helps treat your back and body acne.
  • It hydrates your skin making it feel clean and fresh.
  • With the power of the salicylic acid, it gently exfoliates your skin.
  • It would give you smooth and soft skin.

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Key benefits of green tea and salicylic acid in a body wash.

The ingredients in this salicylic acid body wash online in India at mCaffeine are packed with amazing benefits as each ingredient offers incredible properties that work to make your skin healthy.

  • Green tea in this salicylic acid for back acne has antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, treat acne, and reduce dark spots and acne scars. It also controls oil, hydrates the skin, and fights premature ageing (1).
  • 1% BHA Salicylic acid in this body wash for body acne gently exfoliates the skin and cleanses the pores. It also reduces and removes blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts (2).

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Why choose mCaffeine for skin care and hair care products?

At mCaffeine, we have created different categories and ranges of caffeinated products that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan products. These PETA-certified and FDA-approved products, like our range of body wash, are dermatologically tested and also SLS-free.

Caffeine is our signature product because of the numerous and amazing benefits it possesses. Its benefits range from treating the skin of different conditions like acne to offering calming and soothing effects. All of these benefits we have explored in each product we have made for you. Each product is mixed with other popular and effective ingredients that also have their own range of beneficial properties.

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Q. How often should I use this salicylic acid body wash?

A: You can use this salicylic acid body wash every single day. It is a non-drying body wash that cleanses your skin reducing and preventing acne. Use it as often as you take a bath.


Q. Is this acne body wash suitable for all types of skin?

A: Yes, it is. It is also a good idea to check out the ingredients used to ensure that you aren’t allergic to any of them. Also, make sure that you do a patch test before you use it, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Q. Can salicylic acid body wash be used on the face?

A: Salicylic acid is a great ingredient with amazing benefits but this product is a salicylic body wash that is meant to be used on the body and not on the face. For your face, you may use our 100%vegan Acne Control face wash or the Green Tea Face Wash with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid.


Q. Are there any side effects of using salicylic acid body wash?

A: Side effects only occur when it is not used in the right concentration. This salicylic acid body wash online has the right concentration of salicylic acid but if you experience any side effects, which rarely occurs as it is generally safe, then discontinue use.

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