Energizing Face Mists Duo

Energizing Face Mists Duo

Energizes Skin | Tones Skin | Hydrates Skin
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Give your skin a boost of lasting energy & hydration with our Coffee Face Mist Duo. Dive into the tropical burst of Plum-Coffee notes or go skinny dipping with the fruity splash of Cherry-Coffee notes! No alcohol and zero irritation, just fresh & dewy skin with every spritz! We’ve bottled the goodness of antioxidant-rich Coffee & Caffeine to control oil, improve skin texture and tone skin. The goodness of calming Aloe Vera Juice and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid makes it your perfect companion, anytime and anywhere! Use it while on your couch, in the office, mid-flight, on your commute, or even better whenever you need that instant burst of hydration. Wear under or over makeup, your skin will absorb it like a big sip of water!

This Combo Contains: 2 products
Plum Passion - Coffee Face Mist - 50 ml
Cherry Affair - Coffee Face Mist - 50 ml

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Why should you buy?

Hydrate & Energize On-The-Go

Give your skin a boost of instant hydration & freshness with these energizing face mists. The delicate notes of Plum-Coffee and Cherry-Coffee in this duo wakes you up from your mid-day slump. Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe Vera Juice in these mists help keep your skin hydrated.


Energize your skin with antioxidant-rich Coffee & Caffeine with each spritz. Anti-inflammatory Caffeine in these mists also helps reduce skin inflammation.

Lightweight & Alcohol-Free

Lightweight & non-sticky, this combo is a perfect pick for both under & over make-up. The skin-friendly pH of these water-based & non-drying mists makes them suitable for all skin types. Plus, Aloe Vera Juice, Coffee & Caffeine tone the skin and also soothe irritation.


Thoughtfully designed to be used anywhere & anytime, these mists can be used at home, at work, in flight, or whenever you crave that instant rush of hydration.


Plum Passion - Coffee Face Mist The freshness of Plum, Red Berries and Coffee in this mist gives your skin and senses a tropical burst of energy.
Cherry Affair - Coffee Face Mist The freshness of Cherries, Sparkling Water Flowers and Coffee in this face mist is enough to leave you with a fruity splash of energy.

How to use

1.Spray 3-4 times from 6-8 inches with your eyes closed

2.Do not wipe. Let it air dry.

3.Feel instant ‘ahhh’

4.Reapply anytime, as there are no limits

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a face mist?

Face mists host numerous benefits. A few spritzes in the morning on cleansed skin will give your skin a surge of moisture. It also helps perk up tired and dull skin by hydrating it at the deepest level. Our face mist offers a boost of freshness enough to awaken your senses!

Yes, face mist can be used daily. In fact, it should be used several times during the day. You can use it in the morning on cleansed skin before applying moisturizer or serum. You can also use it after the workout when your skin feels dry and at night before going to sleep.

The best facial mist is one that offers a range of benefits. Our Coffee Face Mists are packed with skin-loving ingredients like Coffee, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera Juice that hydrate, energize and tone skin. Moreover, our face mist has skin-friendly pH which makes it a must-have.

The two products play different roles in the skincare routine and cannot be compared. Toners remove dirt and makeup residue and tighten the pores. Face mists hydrate, refresh and energize the skin.

Face mists need to be sprayed 3-4 times all over the face while maintaining a safe distance of 6-8 inches, with your eyes closed. Do not wipe it, let it air dry. Spritz as and when required for a boost of freshness and hydration.

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