Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips | Reduces Tan & Pigmentation - 12g

Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips | Reduces Tan & Pigmentation - 12g

Reduces Tan & Pigmentation | Exfoliates | Cures Chapped Lips
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Scoop, scrub, treat! Getting rid of 85% more pigmentation and treating dry and chapped lips is that easy with the Coffee Lip Scrub. What makes it a good pick is the fact that 74% exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, giving you smooth and even-toned lips. Crafted with the goodness of Coffee, Caffeine, Natural Cane Sugar, and cold-pressed Coconut oil, this lip scrub gently but effectively exfoliates chapped and flaky skin. Free from beeswax and 100% vegan, a kiss of coffee is all you need to get even-toned, smooth and soft lips!

85% more reduction in pigmentation when compared to the neutral product.
74% exfoliation which helps in removing dead skin cells, providing a smoother skin and improving the skin texture in one use

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Why should you buy?


Scrub away the dryness with this exfoliating Coffee Lip Scrub that gently removes flakes with the Coffee grounds and Natural Cane Sugar, smoothening the lips to leave you with a soft, plush look.

Cures Chapped Lips

Gentle Coffee grinds and Natural Cane Sugar remove dry flakes, while Cold Pressed Coconut Oil moisturizes chapped lips to leave them cured, caffeinated, and cushiony soft!

More reduction in pigmentation

85% More Reduction in Pigmentation

Rich in Coffee, Caffeine, and cold-pressed Coconut Oil, this lip scrub tones lips and reduces pigmentation.
85% more reduction in pigmentation when compared to the neutral product.


Coffee & Caffeine Caffeine-rich Coffee exfoliates away dead skin, removes chapped and flaky skin, while Coffee oil reduces pigmentation.
Natural Cane Sugar Naturally extracted Cane Sugar exfoliates away chapped and flaky skin, and polishes the lips to leave them with a healthy sheen.
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Rich Coconut Oil scrumptiously moisturizes chapped and flaky lips and reduces pigmentation, to leave you with a purrfect lip!

How to use

  • Take a little quantity of the Coffee Lip Scrub on your fingers.
  • Gently exfoliate your lips in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.
  • Wash off after a minute. Use twice a week for best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Coffee for Lips?

Coffee is enriched with the superfood Caffeine that helps reduce pigmentation and even tones the lips. Powered with antioxidants, Coffee grinds expertly exfoliate flaky and chapped lips to leave you with flushed lips.

The Coffee Lip Scrub exfoliates the lips, cures dry and chapped lips, and reduces pigmentation caused by sun damage or smoking with regular use.

Use the lip scrub twice a week for best results.

The Coffee Lip Scrub has an aroma of bittersweet Coffee that delights the senses. A blend of exfoliating Natural Cane Sugar and Coffee grinds, the scrub feels like a luxuriously textured tub of fondant, as you sink your fingers in!

Lip licking in general is not advisable to do. But, in case you do end up accidently taking a lick, you are safe because our lip products are natural.

Yes, the Coffee Lip Scrub is free from SLS, Sulphate & Paraben. It is free from beeswax, making it 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is also FDA-approved and dermatologically tested.

Our lip scrub is skillfully crafted to buff away chapped and flaky skin off your dry lips with the help of exfoliating granules. This scrub is infused with the wholesomeness of Coffee which is rich in antioxidants. It also has healing ingredients such as Natural Cane Sugar and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that moisturize your lips, leaving a sheen on them and making them appear plumper.

mCaffeine’s Lip Scrubs are designed for both - healing chapped & dry lips as well as for reducing dark pigmentation. Our scrub is an excellent exfoliant that is packed with ingredients like Caffeine-rich Coffee and Coconut Oil that ensure they depigment your lips with regular use.

It is quite simple. Apply the lip scrub on your lips liberally and start scrubbing in gentle circular motions. Continue this for a couple of minutes and then rinse them thoroughly. Follow up with lip balm to lock in the moisture for 24 hours. This lip scrub will definitely help heal your chapped & dry lips and depigment them.

Lips scrubs are specially formulated to heal chapped and dry lips by providing them with complete hydration with the help of potent ingredients such as Coffee, Cane Sugar and Coconut Oil. Coffee grinds and Natural Cane Sugar exfoliate your lips, scrubbing off the flaky skin. Coconut Oil gives your lips a boost of hydration, leaving them soft and irresistibly kissable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
jhanvi kaushik

Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips | Reduces Tan & Pigmentation - 12g

Sachin agrawal

Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips | Reduces Tan & Pigmentation - 12g

Vidhya Chakravarthy

It’s smooth and smells great. It doesn’t abrade the lips like many other scrubs do.

Shruti Baliga

Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips | Reduces Tan & Pigmentation - 12g

Yogesh Lakum

Such a great product

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Want Smooth Soft Lips? A Coffee Lip Scrub is the Right Choice.

Who doesn’t want soft and smooth lips? But did you know lips are the softest part of the face and need care, especially during the drier months? Lip balms are not enough for smooth lips. Get rid of dry chapped lips with a lip scrub. A natural lip scrub with natural ingredients like coffee and sugar is the perfect way to tackle dry flaky lips, and keep your lips nourished and soft.

You can use a lip exfoliator if you are a big fan of matte lipsticks which might lead to dry chapped lips. While a lip balm helps to maintain moisture levels of your lips a lip scrub for dark lips can help you restore the natural pink colour of your lips. mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Lip Scrub exfoliates your chapped lips and reduces pigmentation while nourishing your lips.

Ingredients in the mCaffiene Natural Lip Scrub

Skincare with natural ingredients keeps your skin and hair healthy and safe. mCaffeine coffee lip scrub is free of any preservatives or harmful chemicals. Let’s take a look at the ingredients used in this vegan natural lip scrub.  

Coffee & Caffeine

The mCaffeine lip scrub is enriched with the goodness of natural coffee grounds of Pure Arabica Coffee which works as a natural lip exfoliator. It helps to exfoliate the dead flaky skin while the coffee oil reduces the pigmentation on lips. Include the mCaffeine lip scrub in your skincare routine for it is the best lip scrub for dark lips made of natural ingredients and is completely vegan.

Natural Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is also a good natural lip exfoliator that is often added to lip scrub for pink lips. Naturally extracted cane sugar has excellent skin-polishing properties that can exfoliate your lips and leave them soft and smooth.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

mCaffeine coffee lip scrub is one of the best lip scrubs for dry lips because it is formulated with cold-pressed coconut oil that hydrates and moisturises dry lips. Coconut oil can also reduce lip pigmentation.


Benefits of Choosing a Natural Lip Scrub

If you are going through a problem with chapped lips and looking to hydrate your lips choose a nourishing natural lip scrub. Natural skincare products made with natural ingredients are beneficial for your skin and don’t harm you in any way. Here are some benefits of using a natural lip scrub over any chemical exfoliant.

Exfoliates Dead Skin from Lips

Dead skin accumulation and dryness in weather result in dry flaky lips. Use a natural lip scrub to scrub away the dead skin. This coffee lip scrub with coffee grounds and cane sugar gently removes the dry flakes and smoothens your lips.

Cures Chapped Lips and Gives Soft Lips

Have you noticed how rough chapped lips can get? Use a hydrating natural lip scrub to get rid of chapped lips and nourish them for soft smoother lips.

Hydrate your Lips

The skin’s nourishment plays an important role in healthy pink lips. Lip scrubs help to soften and moisturize the lips very well. Include the best lip scrub in your skincare routine so that you don’t have to worry about dry lips.

Reduce Pigmentation from Lips

Try choosing the best lip scrub for dark lips to reduce pigmentation on lips. Ingredients like coffee oil and coconut oil help to reduce pigmentation when used regularly. For added hydration and pigmentation issues, you can also use coffee lip oil.

Buy Lip Scrub for Men

Chapped lip problem is not a condition only for women. Men are affected by dry lips, chapped lips, and pigmented lips. Buy a coffee lip scrub for men to ensure smooth natural lips. If you are facing pigmentation issues on your lips due to sun damage on pollution, a lip scrub for men can help in reducing the pigmentation. A coffee lip scrub and balm kit can actually take complete care of your lips.

Buy Lip Scrub for Women

Chapped dry lips are dreaded by every woman. All she wants is smooth pink soft lips that make her smile prettier and also help with smooth lipstick application. That is why a lip scrub for women is essential in the skincare routine. Choose a lip scrub for women with natural ingredients that will keep your lips soft and reduce pigmentation too. A lip polishing kit with a scrub and balm duo or a lip care kit can solve all your dry flaky lip problems.

Why Choose mCaffeine Products?

mCaffeine brings to you vegan skincare products with the rich goodness of pure ground coffee. mCaffeine is India’s first caffeinated personal care products brand with a wide range of body careface care, and hair care products. We have creed premium products for your personal care which are free of any harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, silicone, or toxins. All our products are dermatologically tested, Made Safe certified, and cruelty-free so that you can enjoy the best experience of self-care.

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